Milad Project

Class 4B (Hafiz Maqbul) took part in a class project where students was encouraged to think about facts about the Holy Propeht (Peace be Upon Him) and translate it into pictures where they can relate the facts to. As you will see, each of the pictures represents some important history of Islam.


The following students (pictured below), took part demonstrating their art and craft skills:

Ahmed Adam : Designed the Kaaba with LED lights – Amazing!
Ayaan Natha drew the Miswaak (Sunnah of the Holy Prophet)
Aun Daar – Wrote the Title in Arabic
Fahim Yusuf: Drew and designed the template of the Sandal of the Holy Prophet and wrote all the facts collected by the class
Ibrahim Patel: Drew the moon and the splitting of it, and the spiderweb
Rashid Ameer (not pictured) drew the horse (buraq during Meraj) and Quran
Shafi Qadri: Our origami master!, who designed a 3D model of the green dome, and the Prayer mat, which represents the gift of Namaz during meraj
Tayyab Shamsher – Managed the layout of the project
Umar Patel: Drew the favorite fruits of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)

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Grand Mawlid (Sisters)
Held on 10th November, for Girls/Teens and mums,
It was a Special way to bring the youth together with the celebration of Eid e Milad. VIEW GALLERY