Established and opened on February 13th 2005. The main objective of the nursery is to create a fun, colorful and learn through play environment for children, which when starting madrassa the children at the age 4 would be attracted to the school like nursey and enjoy learning Islam.

The main learning focus are the Arabic alphabets, which is taught with pronounciation (makharij) which is done as a group learning activity. 

Some of the other resources and services that the nursery provides are, islamic toys and books. Activities set for children ie: gluing and glittering, making alphabets or Islamic greeting cards, which encourages the ‘learning through play’ factor. The nursey also provide a light snack for children through which they learn sunnats of eating.

Nursery opening times: Monday to Friday 17:00 – 18:45.

If you would like your child to attend the madrassa nursery (the child must be 4 yrs of age at the start of the madrassa year, September) please contact any of our committee members, who will be happy talk you through the admission process.

Please note, you must also complete an application form which can be downloaded from this website