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  • 2020-03-13


This page provides details of any changes in our Masjid or Madrassah introduced during the Coronavirus outbreak.

It is our duty of care to be mindful of others wellbeing specially at such challenging times. Therefore, you are kindly requested to adapt to these short term changes and adhere to them in the most strictest manner possible.

Effective from: 13 March 2020

Changes to Jumu’ah (Friday) Prayers

  1. Avoid attending the Masjid if you are feeling mildly unwell (fever, cough, sneezing etc.).

Instead read Dhuhr Salāh at home.

  1. Please try to perform Wudū at home. Use the masjid facilities only if absolutely necessary.

When you enter the masjid, wash your hands and feet properly before entering the prayer hall.

  1. Avoid sharing towels. Bring your own, or if the Masjid provides, use the small towels and place them in the “used” basket.
  2. In Salāh you are allowed to clean your nose using only one hand. If you need to sneeze, surpress the sneeze, and sneeze into a tissue or if not possible, into your arm (by lifting only one arm near the nose).

Lifting both hands, or using both hands to clean the nose or to cough will render the Prayers Makrūh Tahrimī.

  1. Attendees should try to offer Sunnāh & Nawāfil prayers at home if they can unless you’re not going home straight after.
  2. Avoid physical contact such as handshakes & hugging if you are feeling unwell, diabetic, high blood pressure, elderly or have any type of health issues.
  3. Read the advice on hygiene literature displayed at prominent points in the masjid and use the sanitisers provided at the entrance of the masjid.
  4. Congregation members aged 60+ years and those with health conditions are at an increased risk and should consider taking precautions.
  5. Call 111 NHS helpline number if you are think you have symptoms of a coronovirus type flu.

جزاك الله خيرا for your patience & understanding.

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Please forward this message to others who are known to you, who regularly attend the masjid but who may not be on this group.