The Madrassa Hanfiya Rizviyah educates a total of around 350 students, both boys and girls divided into 17 classrooms, including nursery a separate Hifz class, Alim and Alimah class.

We have a carefully structured syllabus that now focuses on modules including Quran, Makharij, Urdu, Surahs, general and practical knowledge, and additional topics such as Fiqh, and Sunnahs (traditions) of the Holy prophet peace be upon him.  

Here at Noorani Education Centre we continue to endeavour in raising the education standards for our children, aided by enhanced the learning and development resources and with continuously adapting to the challenges of the society.

Madrassa Hours: 17:00 – 19:00 (Mon – Fri)

Madrassa Committee

The team behind the daily management of the Madrassa.
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Madrassah Policy

Parents Handbook (Sept 2020)
Madrassa Policy
Parents Agreement

Important Dates

Help children achieve good attendance. Plan your holidays accordingly.

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Listing of all teachers and the class allocated to them, this will help identify who teaches your child. View details

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We believe every parent should have the right to know what is being taught to their child, not only this creates awareness for the parent, but also can help you assist the child at home, specially towards the year examination.

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Student Library

A great collection of the ‘Islamic Studies‘ booklets aimed at children, which highlights essential Islamic topics such as performing wudhu, ghusl, namaz, respect of parents, knowing Allah, stories of Prophets and much more.

Please note: These booklets are part of the current Madrassah syllabus.
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Student Gallery

View artwork and pictures of our Madrassah students

Parents Questions

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